Project List for July 2015

Yeah yeah yeah, so July is basically half over. But so what! I’m still going to make this post, for posterity! 😉

In July of 2015 (it’s Camp NaNoWriMo!), I hope to accomplish the following:

– Move website hosting
– Transfer content from current domain to new hosted domain
– Set up email list on website
– Finish last LOTR fanfic chapter based on beta reader feedback and complete the epilogue
– Complete Wordwraith’s anthology story “Dreamers” during Camp NaNoWriMo
– Continue work on Hound of God once other stories are complete
Print postcards with Hound cover, blurb, and links for family reunion to give along with teas and tea infuser
Manage Wordwraith Twitter account for the month
– Write 1 post each week for Doctor Who Watch
– Write Wordwraith blog post
– Continue reading fellow Wordwraith’s novel and sending feedback
– Continue reading craft books
– Post something special to Patreon for my paying patrons
Send first 2500 words of Hound of God to Ozarks Romance Authors Weta Nichols contest (sent 7.15.15 … on the last day for entries! Whew!)

Thus far, the writing is going abysmally terribly this month (aka, I have about 1200 words written of my 15,000 word monthly goal). It has not been a great two weeks all around, not just in the writing arena. There have been several times where I was tempted to throw up my hands and quit this writing thing altogether, because that seems to be what my brain thinks is the answer to all my life problems. However, while writing does suck up almost all of my very limited free time, and causes me to basically have no social life, and bestows loads and loads of guilt and anxiety upon all aspects of my life … the thought of not doing it at all is terrifying.

Probably because I wouldn’t know how to entertain myself. I wouldn’t know how to have a life after all of these years.

So I guess I’m stuck with it.

We’ll see how well I do for the remainder of the month. It’s been a tough one! Whew!


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