A “Books” Page Has Finally Been Added!

Well! That was probably harder than it should have been.

Maybe I shouldn’t be trying to add pages to my website so late at night, as instead of creating a new page, I first created a new post! But that’s all right, because I wanted to announce the new page, anyway!

If you will direct your eyes to the top navigation bar of this site, you will see that I have FINALLY gotten around to adding a page for my actual books.

Of course … it helps to actually have a book now to list there! 😉 Regardless, I will also be putting the blurbs and covers for my soon-coming books there, so you can have a bit of a sneak peek at what’s coming up around the corner!

If you would like more information on upcoming works, exclusive excerpts, chances at receiving an Advanced Reader’s Copy, and even some free fiction for your trouble, keep watching this space for my Newsletter announcement, which should *crosses fingers* be up and running before too long!

In the meantime, if you’d like to feast your eyes upon the brand-spanking-new Books page, you may find it here!

Thanks for stopping by and … good night! ❤


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