Bait, Fish, and Reel Report for July 2015

It recently came to my attention that I had neglected to post a run-down of what I managed to accomplish during the very terrible month of July 2015! Since it’s quite a miracle that I accomplished anything at all, considering (you can read all about that here), I wanted to be sure I documented what I DID get done. (And you can compare this to the monthly goals here.)

So, in July 2015, I accomplished the following:

– Started work on TWTF extra last chapter (~300 words)
– Completed anthology story (5600 words)
– Printed  The Hound of God postcards for giveaway at family reunion
– Scheduled Wordwraiths tweets for the month
– Wrote 3 posts for Doctor Who Watch (missed one week due to a series of unfortunate events)
– Wrote Wordwraith blog post (linked above – the tale of my terrible July)
– Ended up getting half my wordcount goal for Camp (nearly 8000 words, WAY MORE than I had expected, considering!)
– Sent first 2500 words of Hound of God to Ozarks Romance Authors Weta Nichols contest
– Finished last LOTR fanfic chapter based on beta reader feedback (~2000 words)
– Posted an excerpt of my Wordwraiths anthology story “Dreamers” to Patreon for my paying patrons
– Received a rejection from A Murder of Storyteller’s Broken World anthology for “Gray”, although it was kept for a second read. Which is the second time that story has made it to a second round of reading. Alas, it is still homeless.

And that’s about it! Which is, I think, more than I accomplished in August. So, ah, that’s kinda crazy. Hrmmm.

Anyway, I need to get another short story out there! I’m feeling antsy about submissions lately … having something out in the world to wait on rejection always makes me feel better! 😉

Onward and upward, folks!


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