Project List for September 2015

You know, every month I think, “Well this month is crazy, but next month will be better.”

No. That’s never true. NEVER.

Every “next month” ends up being just as crazy and hectic as the one before. So I should really give up on that thought process!

Anyway, let’s get on with it! Thinking about the rest of the month exhausts me already, considering our annual Chief’s kickoff party bash is right around the corner (zomgthehouseisn’tevenremotelycleanihavetocleanthewholehouseandtheyardandeventhebasementbecausetherewillbemassesofpeopleatmyhouseallweekendaskdjfalsdjfasdaksjdk), I’m dying to get to our local Ren Fest, my writing group has a NaNoWriMo Workshop to head up on the 23rd, and the kiddo has soccer practice one night a week and a soccer game every Saturday. (I don’t foresee a super ton of extracurricular activities in his future…)


By the end September of 2015, I will be THRILLED if I manage to accomplish the following:

  • Complete edits to Primus.
  • Complete most edits for my author friend’s first 10 chapters.
  • Manage Wordwraith’s tweets for the month.
  • Compile all workshop materials in packets for attendees and organize, as well as rehearse my explanation for each worksheet so I do not ramble and put everyone to sleep.
  • Survive KOP #15.
  • Stay sane.

And you know, that’s it. That’s all I’m putting on my plate for this month! Just that should keep me PLENTY busy!

Here we go!






One thought on “Project List for September 2015

  1. It never gets less busy. I think I have now accepted the fact that seeking less is not for me, so my current state is too many things, not enough time, and occasionally despairing about the amount of things I want to do and never get the chance. Not complaining though. I love juggling a million things and switching from one to another continuously throughout the day. Live a every moment, that’s my main task. Have a lovely weekend. 😀

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