Writer Tools

Word Quota Tracker – by Seth Swanson, aspiring author

Random Name Generator – “Normal” names, with some fun ones, based on nationality.

Character Name Generator – hosted by D&D, these are the more… fantastical names. ūüôā

Synopsis Wizard – by Shawntelle Madison, author

Goal/Motivation/Conflict Wizard – by Shawntelle Madison, author

Book Royalties Calculator – by Shawntelle Madison, author


Writer’s Relief Writer’s Classifieds

Quirk Books Looking for Love Fiction Contest – Deadline October 1st, 2013 (leaving this up for access to QuirkBooks)

Yeah Write! Literary Magazine

SFWA Approved Markets Рpublish in these and be eligible for SFWA membership!

Calls for submissions from LOTS of literary magazines! Рupdated every few days!

Yard Dog Press

Writing Groups and Organizations

NaNoWriMo – November is Coming!

Camp NaNo РNaNo Not in November!

PlotWriMo – for December!

Scribophile – critique and get critiqued

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Hatrack River Writers’ Forum – over at Orson Scott Card’s website!

Megaphone Society

Romance University 

Author Pages

Jay Lake

Hugh C. Howey

Beth Cato

Sandra McDonald

L. E. Schwaller

Theodore Wheeler

General Helpful Articles or Advice

5 Mistakes You’ll Make on the Way to Publishing Success

Your First 1,000 Copies – a highly recommended book for promoting your own book

Mr. Howey’s Advice to Aspiring Authors – a must read!

Web Design for Authors – from Writer’s Relief

What Does an Agent Want to See When they Google You?

How Long Should Your Novel Be (by genre)? – from Writer’s Digest

Cover Letters for Fiction Writers

How to Use Google Authorship to Prevent Piracy

How to Use ACTION Rather than Description to Describe a Scene

Copyright Information for Works Published Under a Pseudonym

How to Take Your Short Stories to the Next Level

The “Institutional Method” for Succeeding as a Writer – by Rahul Kanakia over at Blotter Paper, one of my FAVORITE blogs, comparing the world of academia writing to the world of, well, real-world writing…

How Independent Authors are Ruining Literature – A sarcastic title… this is actually a good opinion piece on how indie authors are NOT ruining literature, and while I don’t agree on every point Mr. Malone makes (your book is your product, thus you should make it the best quality product possible – if I see a typo in any book, I shudder), it is still a very good read.

Author Education

Writer’s Digest Tutorials

Sail Success Workshop – take a cruise AND hone your craft!

Blockbuster Plots 

Some Inspiration!

Quotes on Writing from Famous Authors

WriteWorld – loads of prompts and writing tips


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